Dod Nda Agreement

2. For the disclosure, disclosure or authorized use of technical data or computer software subject to specific licensing fees, amend paragraph (1) (d) of the user and confidentiality agreement to capture conditions that comply with licensing requirements and regulate the recipient`s obligations with respect to use, modification, reproduction , disclosure, disclosure, display or disclosure of data or software. 1. The specific conditions under which a intended recipient has the right to use, modify, reproduce, disclose, execute, display or disclose technical data subject to limited rights or computer software subject to limited rights must be defined in an appendix to the use and confidentiality agreement. (2) GFI with government entities. The contractor uses technical data or computer software obtained by the government with legends of state usage rights, only for government purposes. Without the express written permission of the party whose name appears in the restrictive caption, the vendor may not use, modify, reproduce, publish or display this data or software for commercial purposes, or transmit that data or software to anyone other than its potential subcontractors, suppliers or subcontractors or suppliers who fill in the data or software for submitting offers or contracts in this contract. Prior to the disclosure of the data or software, the contractor requires persons to whom disclosure is disclosed to enter into and sign the confidentiality agreement at 227.7103-7. (C) The contractor (or the party asserting restrictions, as stated in the legend of limited rights) may require any public support company covered by the legend to enter into a confidentiality agreement directly with the contractor (or the party asserting restrictions) regarding the use of such data by the insured state assistance provider , or that the contractor (or the party asserting restrictions) may waive in writing the obligation of a confidentiality agreement; and DoD`s response: The Use and Confidentiality Agreement at 227.7103-7 is an agreement between the government and a private party and is used only if the information is provided to the private party outside of a contract containing clause 252.227-7025.