Strategic Advisory Services Agreement

We offer corporate restructuring, debt restructuring, turnaround, business rescue – insolvency consulting Our specialists are able to conduct a review of the viability of a company that identifies financial, strategic and operational issues… (a) the term “information” used in this article refers to all confidential and proprietary information; designated as such by the company, including, but not limited, to all specifications, formulas, prototypes, software design plans, computer programs and data sets, data, methods, techniques, processes and projections, plans, marketing information, materials, financial statements, memorandums, analyses, notes and other information (in any form), as well as improvements and know-how regarding the company or its products. The information must not contain information which, in accordance with Article 8.1, has already been disclosed by the consultant or has been developed independently of the consultant in accordance with Article 8.1, as evidenced by adequate and tangible evidence satisfactory to the company; (b) has been the subject of a printed publication or patent, or has been part of public knowledge, unless such violation has been received by the consultant or similar agreements by the consultant of other consultants or companies (c) to another person or entity that has no obligation of secrecy with respect to the company or (d) has been authorized in writing by the company to be released by the advisor. CONSIDERING, Advisor has experience in strategic planning, clinical development, commercialization and general business development in the regenerative medicine industry; and CONSIDERING that the company wishes to engage Advisor`s services in the provision of the services listed below. We provide corporate restructuring, debt restructuring, corporate restructuring, corporate rescue and insolvency advisory services to all potential stakeholders, including banks, private equity funds and other funds, government organizations. 4. Compensation. For this commitment and other good and valuable considerations, the Advisor agrees that the company`s agreement to extend the advisor`s right to exercise the options granted to him in connection with his permeable employment by Subsidairy, as in the release contract concluded by the consultant and the company dated November 18, 2016, is considered a complete consideration for the services provided by Advisor under this agreement. 2.1 to consult and assist the company in identifying and evaluating the most appropriate strategic and clinical plans to develop and commercialize its technologies; NOW THEREFORE, taking into account the promises and mutual agreements and agreements set out below, the parties agree and agree as follows: Advisory services can only be provided by investment consultants as part of an agreement and an investment information brochure cetera LLC Advisory Services correspondents.