Appen Non Disclosure Agreement

Good morning, John, thank you for learning and sharing your findings. Something similar is currently happening in all the work of the local industry, and not just in Appen. With the current viral situation and everyone at home, these jobs in local businesses are overwhelmed by candidates. At the same time, however, their customers (the companies that offer the work) fight and close in some cases. As a result, we see more people online looking for work, but less work available to go around. My second project was to submit 18 one-minute videos with some directions. I cannot disclose the details of the project due to the confidentiality agreement with Appen. To make short the long story, I deposited the 18 videos needed a few days before the deadline. However, about a week later I received an email from Appen that I am not paid for the project because 3 of the 18 videos were rejected. In the same email they said that I was notified before the expiration of the delay of the rejected videos, but I did not make a new submission before the deadline, according to them. a legitimate email for Appen? I have an email from [email protected] We take steps to keep the information safe in electronic or physical form. Our Information Security Directive is supported by a large number of processes and procedures, and we store information in computerized premises or databases that require logins and passwords. All of our employees, executives or contractors and third parties who have access to confidential information are subject to access controls and confidentiality obligations, and we require our third-party suppliers to meet the relevant standards of the information security industry. While we constantly strive to update our systems and controls to reflect technological changes, the transmission of information over the internet is not entirely safe and, as such, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to our online services, which go at your own risk. It is your responsibility to scan what you want to download from our websites to make sure it is free of viruses, worms, Trojans and destructive code. If you contact us through an unsecured mechanism, you assume that such communications between us are intercepted, unreserved, delayed, damaged or received by persons other than the intended recipient.