University Of Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement

On Tuesday, August 27, your team from the United Faculty of Florida (UFF) Bargaining Team and representatives of the University of Florida Trustees (BOT) entered into a recovery package for the approximately 1,800 members of the UFF trading unit. The text of the draft agreement is available here: article 24_Fall 2019 (pdf). Below is a brief report on the negotiating team`s objectives, the progress and outcome of the negotiations, as well as the next steps for both the UFF-UF and the larger negotiating unit. BOT-politics on sexual and romantic relations between teachers and students. In 2019, the BOT banned sexual or romantic relationships between teachers and students. The negotiating team is required to negotiate a contract provision that ensures a safe learning environment for students while protecting an appropriate procedure for members of the bargaining unit. You can read the current counter-proposal from the UFF here. Eight months later, the board`s negotiating team has not yet responded. The meeting ended with the UFF and BOT teams who were tentatively planning future negotiating meetings for April 2 (14:00 -15:30 / 210 Pugh Hall). April 16 (2.30pm-4pm / 150 Pugh Hall); April 23 (2:30-4 p.m. / 112 West Library); and April 30 (2:30-4 p.m.

/ PK Yonge). The two teams agreed to make modest changes to the CBA at the April 2 meeting. When the UFF made this proposal, negotiating team members Lisa Scott and Héléne Huet found that family, medical and parental leave policy was “the cornerstone of workers` rights, fundamental issues of workplace justice and simple signs of gratitude to those who have generously chosen to promote a new generation of people and care for another.” Of course, we always maintain these assertions and encourage our colleagues to do the same. Some of the amendments proposed by the BOT are modest changes to the CBA. In addition to updating academic terminology and correcting stray typos, the BOT team proposed a welcome language that outlines the university`s commitment to recruiting faculties from historically marginalized groups [amendment proposed to Article 12.1 A)]. They also submitted a proposal to prevent the university from enso placing visiting professors on an endless series of one-year appointments [proposed amendment to Article 12.4 (1) (3)]. On Tuesday, April 16, the UFF-UF negotiating team met for the third time with representatives of the UF Board of Directors (BOT) to continue negotiations on a new collective agreement. This session was devoted to a series of proposals concerning the faculty of the university without De Tenure-Track faculty. During the session, Dr. Rosana Resende and Sean Trainor gave a detailed presentation explaining the reasons for these changes and the benefits they will bring to the NTT faculty and the largest university community. The UFF-UF is committed to improving the salaries of all UF faculties. We negotiate for reliable and predictable increases with multi-year wage agreements.

Our current proposal represents less than 10% of UF`s performance assistance for 2019-2020. The UF-BOT has not yet made any proposals on salary. UFF-UF and FEA held a conference call on 26.07.2018 from 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. We used a free conference call number (712-775-7031, meeting ID: 831-773-884). The agenda was: 1. Introduction of all those who can succeed, experience in negotiations, role in this call; 2) Overview of the process to be negotiated when applying for a change in working conditions, as applied for this example 3) considers the next steps and planning.