Hepatitis C Settlement Agreement

Anyone who believes a family member contracted hepatitis C during this time while receiving blood or blood products in Canada is encouraged to visit www.HepCclassaction.ca to learn more about the application process. Applications will still be received by Canadians who have contracted hepatitis C virus (HCV) through the Canadian Blood Supply. A national comparison of $63 million was made with the Red Cross. A comparison of $6.5 million for those infected in British Columbia was conducted with the province. These invoices were paid in instalments. The deadline for registration for the first payment was March 31, 2002. These funds have now been exhausted and no further claims can be claimed. An agreement was also reached with the Government of Canada for victims of hepatitis C infected before 1986 and after July 1, 1990. The deadline for requesting this transaction has expired and no further claim for damages can be claimed. The documents relating to this statement are available on our “Billing documents” page.

After a seemingly endless struggle between federal governments and several provinces, lawyers and people infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) through the Canadian blood supply, applications continue to be received from those who were infected with HCV before 1986 or after 1990 and between 1986 and 1990. Since the courts in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec are jointly overseeing the ongoing hepatitis C class action settlement, the three courts were required to hear the motions and reach a conclusion without significant differences if the proposed protocol were to come into force. The courts have recently approved a compensation plan that provides that approximately $40 million will be distributed to authorized victims who have not asserted claims before the expiry of the original time limit — the initial settlement program was approved in 1999 — for matters beyond their control or if there is a reasonable explanation for their delay. The most common symptoms related to the hepatitis C virus are: This count offers compensation tailored to the circumstances of the victim….