How To Find Your Microsoft Agreement Number

If you go to your VLSC, don`t you see the licenses listed when you click View Licenses? If not, the order may not be completed yet or maybe they have placed it under the wrong account? I would also check which VLs pass them through, because I know that we have two different portals for us that we have to use, one is for Open License VL and the other for MPSA VL. Your Azure commands are currently enabled via keys. Call your keys via the Downloads and Keys tab in the VLSC, then enter the key on the Getting Started with Azure in open Licensing page. If more than 72 hours have passed since the sender of your license reservation, please contact your Microsoft Licensing reseller to make any necessary adjustments. I feel like this is something you would get if you bought by volume licensing. You didn`t have an existing VL account at Microsoft and we went to O365 with Windows 10 Dell OEM OS license. So I don`t think we have an account number, unless Microsoft assigns us one in the background that won`t be communicated to us. Displays important contacts, related licenses, orders, order details, and your organization`s purchase history based on a specific license ID. You can view your booking history on the Booking Confirmation page or on the Manage Booking page. No no. Microsoft is unable to provide a list of product availability details in the license preview. The license list tells you which software your organization can install and use, but not what software is currently provided. Yes, mine is different.

I assume your pay-as-you-go account is for Azure or you are using Azure. Mine is 100% Office 365 and we don`t use paid Azure services (of course, the free Azure AD). While this can be uncomfortable, it is the best way to ensure that user and contractual information is properly set up after activation. I think they`re trying to integrate our environment into their corporate agreements with Microsoft. So that the payments of the commitments are settled in the same way as the rest of their business of sclerosis in form (company agreement with the true-up periods). A license ID is displayed in the relational summary only if the logged-in user has had access to the license id details. Permission to view a specific license ID on behalf of your organization is given in two ways: all changes to volume license contacts must be made through your Microsoft partner. Please contact your partner to request a change in contact information.

Incomplete list of license IDs in the relational summary: Full licenses may have been acquired under license IDs that are not in your relational summary (that is, you may not have the right to use the license ID). Your mileage may vary – my license documents always come from my customer and I from my distributor as appendices .rtf with the Microsoft certificate. I also receive an email directly from Microsoft, which lists the contract number and actually only says that I had access to the information/keys through the VLSC portal, since I was the reseller of the records. Newly acquired licenses are typically displayed in the license preview within 48 hours of your order being received by the Microsoft partner. Delays of a few days to a few weeks may occur if your partner delays the transmission of the order to Microsoft. Licenses are displayed in the summary when the Start coverage period for the order is met for all programs except Open License. A license is your right to install and use software, as described in the license agreement….